Homeowners policiy (line 70)

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Dwelling of homeowners policy must be placed with the the requested named insureds.

Maximum of 180 future effective bound. Dwelling must be owner-occupied within 30 days of New Business effective date. Residential occupancy by the named insured is required. Comply with Agency Standards regarding the ordering of credit reports. Allstate Vehicle and Property Insurance Company Homeowner Rewrites - Applicants eligible for a renewal policy in the Allstate Vehicle and Property Insurance Company cannot be written as new business in the Allstate Vehicle and Property Insurance Company. LOSS HISTORY: Prior Losses For Customers with supporting Auto (line 10 or 19) Maximum of 2 losses in the past 5 years, however, there can be no more than 1 Type of D, E, or G loss No Supporting Auto Policy Maximum of 1 loss in the past 5 years Fire Protection Town Classes 1-10 are eligible The property must be located within 10 miles of the primary responding fire protection. Ineligible Dwellings Examples of a liability hazard include: The Exclusion Form must be provided to the RMBC, when requested, and faxed to the SWDC within 10 days of policy issuance.