What happens to your insurance after getting a ticket?


what happens after you get a ticket to your insurance? are you prepared if you get a minor or major ticket? Does your premium go up or does it stay where it's at? Let's answer some questions and get rid of any doubts you may have about what happens if you have a ticket on your record.

What happens after getting a ticket?

When an insured gets a ticket what happens to their insurance if they are covered by Company A vs. Company B? Insureds are protected by insurance in the case of an accident but if they get a ticket what happens?

Most insurance companies can't control their insureds' driving status after getting a ticket. Like getting an accident it can cause your rates to go up because of the risk it poses in the eyes of the law. For example, if insured speeds that can pose a risk in the eyes of an insurance company because you're more likely to get into an accident than insured B who's never received a speeding ticket in their life. Most companies don't want to pay claims, when I say most, I mean no insurance company wants to pay claims but when claims do happen they are going to pay out as best as they can. But in the case of an accident, some telltale signs are tickets.

If you have one violation then you may not have an increase in your insurance depending on the insurance company that you're with. If you have accident forgiveness or minor violation forgiveness or some sort of package in your policy then you probably aren't going to have an increase in your insurance, but if you don't' then you could experience a slight increase in your insurance premiums.

Extra Coverages?

Although these costs may be more it definitely is worth it to include in your insurance because in most cases it's only $7-$10 more per month to have this extra included coverage when you are pulled over or get some sort of flag on your driving. It's very hard to avoid so it's better to be prepared.

Talk to your Agent

One of the best ways is to just talk to your agent. See what coverages you have and how you better take advantage of the discounts that you currently are getting.