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Can you believe Elon Musk is planning to add a solar panel to his trucks??? That's amazing.

Can you believe Elon Musk is planning to add a solar panel to his trucks??? That's amazing. They will be totally solar driven trucks which saves so much on oil prices, gas and the environment. LA's smog will be nonexistent with Elon's Trucks. These despite everything that's swirling around Elon musk's adventures and accomplishments his trucking sector is actually a big part of his plans and growth for the industry.

This shows a reduction in carbon emissions, with the electric Semi trucks or one might call it the "electruck", this is seriously a big commitment to R&D but a big payoff if he is able to figure out how to pioneer this system of providing. Elon has not only talked about electric and solar powered trucks but also electric and solar panel air plains. This would also effect sea freight industries. We already spend millions on fuel and gas for these large boats, but with the solar panel we can see this would revolutionize the ecosystem and spending.

Overtime, costs to build these panels decrease because of new developments and new learning that is discovered in the industry. Overall this would become a regular thing and mass produced causing lots more and more of this production. In Southern California, pollution from these trucks with their emissions there is serious question as to the helpfulness of these trucks and how these are able to effect out ecosystem. If all our trucks were able to get solar panels installed in a way that "looked cool" and not too obvious there were solar panels and still provided the same function this would be very amazing to the industry and really change the question and issue of the emissions that our cars and trucks are being placed into the world.

These are just some thoughts from the Burkholz Insurance Agency. Overall it would change the effectiveness and quality of our trucking industry, price wise as well as emissions output. ​

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