What do the laws in Nevada dictate we follow? How can I know how much insurance do I have?


Why are Nevada insurance Laws so high? Most likely because the amount of claims and the costs lawyers are charging for insurance companies are going up. This is from the many claims that get double billed. Since when someone files a claim and gets paid, many cases when someone hires a lawyer to get more compensation they are able to double bill the insurance company. With that being said lets look at why Nevada insurance prices could be so high.

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Since the Nevada Department of Transportation requires every driver in Nevada to car insurance so before you take your car out in Lake Mead make sure you have that insurance coverage in your glove compartment or on your smart phone.

Nevada residents must obtain their drivers license and vehicle registration within 30 days. The fee for failing to register your vehicle is $1000. It in some cases can be reduced to $200 upon compliance to the rules.

You must be a resident of the state of Nevada and provide proof of address to obtain a Nevada drivers license. You can't have licenses or your insurance ID cards from multiple states. Contact us or see Nevada residency proof of identity for more details Licenses are not issued to visitors.

Foreign nationals may or may not be eligible for a license or a driver authorization card, which in most cases depends on their immigration status.

Some basic laws representing the state of Nevada: Bodily Injury Liability Coverage:

  1. $25,000 per person and $50,000 per accident
  2. Property Damage Liability Coverage: $50,000
  3. Uninsured Motorist Coverage: $25,000 per person and $50,000 per accident
  4. You may choose to reject Uninsured Motorist coverage in Nevada.

Let's say someone hits me turning left when I was in the middle of an intersection and the other driver ran a red light. It was found he was clearly at fault. I am stuck with $20,000 of hospital bills, $5000 in lost wages plus $20,000 to fix my car. I get my car fixed and hospital bills coverage, however in the state of Nevada, there is a law that allows individuals who have been hit by an accident to hide the fact that they have hospital bills paid for and repairs on my vehicle concealed from the courts. I am able take the other driver who hit me to court and conceal the fact that I got all these things paid for by the other drivers insurance. ​​

​This is one of the reason's why you see so many lawyers ads all over Las Vegas and the state because of this law. This is also another reason why insurance rates are so high. What do you do to ensure I get a fair rate? We work with several different companies that have all prior claims and some companies that minimize prior claims to get you a cheaper rate.

With most cases you don't need to go into the DMV to handle insurance issues, just contact your insurance agent by phone, e mil or chat. If you are new to the state of Nevada, you must have your car registered in order for you to get insurance as a Nevada resident. This insures that you will be covered for this state. If your coverage is within another state lanes, insurance isn't interstate, it is intrastate meaning that you are within the state of Nevada and not outside of the state. ​ Note: You may choose to reject Uninsured Motorist coverage in Nevada.